“Well that didn’t go so well,” she said as she woke up with a screaming back pain. “I thought maybe I’d be able to get out of bed, not stay in it permanently.”

The sun was out, her room was illuminated. Her nightstand was full of tissue paper there in case she should wake in the middle of the night sneezing. But that would have been even a worse scenario being the state she was in.

Lying next to the tissue paper sat a cellphone. Not the top of the line brand, not a fancy smart phone, just a regular small unit that could get the basics done. It wasn’t attached to a charger. It wasn’t even on. Yet she was staring at it.

Today she would accomplish at least two things. Being that it was Saturday, she didn’t really have to do anything, but she was set on accomplishing everything on this short list. Number one was to get out of bed without fainting from the pain. And number two was to turn on that cellphone…

And begin her life.