So I was reading a friend of mine’s post on facebook the other day and he said congratulations to Elena Kagan being sworn in as new Supreme Court justice. One of the comments below from one of his friends had a problem with Ms. Kagan not being entirely “investigated” before she was nominated and that Obama is just ramrodding her down our collective throats.

I went back and forth with this guy over the topic in the comments I left below his on this thread, yet he always returned to his point that Elena Kagan was never completely dissected in public for all the world to see.

Though I agree all this needs to be transparent, something Obama promised on the campaign trail, what irks me is this facebook commenter would probably not give a dang if the new justice had been nominated by a Republican president.

I am soooo sick of the johnny-come-lately’s. I’m sick of people protesting taxes, when the last president was just as bad and none of their teetotaling buddies cared back then. It’s just when a new president, who isn’t their party or their color comes along, they decide to bust out their folding chairs and igloos and make a holler.

The facebook guy was causing the same trouble. And though one of his white palin-lovin’ gay-hatin’ friends came to his defense to go after me, it was obvious I was not going to change his mind in that I am not some private investigator who can tell you everything Elena is about.

Quite frankly, none of my friends can.

That’s how we Americans are. There’s so much that the government does that we never see. But why all the attention, all of a sudden? Obama is giving us much more transparency than the last administration: remember the darth lord Cheney? Yet all those people that supported the last administration are now coming out of the woodwork to protest the new one. How seriously can you take them when they’re just jumping on a rickety band wagon?

I bring this argument up about how Fox and talk radio fires against the President every day, yet the Dixie Chicks become practically lynched because of one 15 word sentence they said at a completely obscure concert no one over here cared about.

Smell hypocrisy? If you don’t you’ll probably be voting for a bespectacled moose-hunter in 2 years.