HERE IS PODCAST #4!!!    I've spent 9 days apart  From the girl who won my heart  ON THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!  I filled up all the days  Wal

I’ve spent 9 days apart
From the girl who won my heart
I filled up all the days
Walking my dog for no pay
Basil my boxer and
I tell you
We have gone to parks and
He would poo
Then I though him the ball
That’s what we do
But he’s got big jowls so
he really starts to drool
There’s a girl that’s been on my mind
All the time…
Soo soo sudio
So after this weekend
I get back my wife

So this is EFFIZODE number 4. I wasn’t planning on doing an effizode 4 and
instead just going on my vacay to Florida to see my mom, but since my wife
is out of town I felt I would fill up all the miserable emptiness by doing a
little show for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Boy, I would like to say my heart goes out to the folks that lost their
homes in what appears to be another f up by PG&E in San Bruno. How scary is
that for your neighborhood to suddenly be engulfed by fire? They’re saying
if you’d like to help the best way is to talk directly to the Red Cross. BE
CAREFUL! Times like these there are always shysters who try to take
advantage of people trying to help others. Make sure the people you are
giving money to are THE REAL DEAL.

I have traveled a lot this past week, and I could do a podcast just on
that. I should just upload a bunch of photo’s for you so you can see some
of the cool stuff here in the Bay Area. We have so many fantastic things to
see in this little part of CA. Many of the people I know who live here
don’t truly take advantage of it the way they should. There is beauty
everywhere. It’s been fun dedicating this week to exploring.

Oh, and I explored Oakland! I just kept to the City Center because I was on
foot (and on BART) but I took the B Line free shuttle from the City Center
BART station down to Jack London square and took some AMAZING PHOTO’S (if I
do say so myself). I’ll try to upload those for you soon. Then I took the
shuttle back and the driver and one of the passengers started singing old
gospel songs! Did you ever see “O Brother Where Art Thou?” It was like
that scene just before the flood comes when the grave diggers start
singing. Since it was just the three of us on the bus it felt like a very
special moment.

By the way, today I walked around the park area near the Hayward Shoreline
Interpretive Center and it was amazing! I’ll have to include pix of those
too! The center itself is only open on the weekends, but the park along the
bay is free and beautiful! Instead of paying toll at the San Mateo Bridge,
check this park out instead. It’s just off to the right of where the
station is, but you have to get off way before the station. Just follow the

Wow! This blog turned into a travel log! How funny! I didn’t mean to do
that, but there it is. Below you can find the link to the latest podcast.
Enjoy and make sure to comment on it below. I’ll mention and answer your
comment next podcast!

Here is the latest “effizode” of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH…