Thanks for stopping at this particular blog and checking out the crazy world
that exists in this one and only podcast called THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH.

This week we see some celebrities! We see some celebrities getting
violent! We see bizarre outcomes! Let’s see if that lowly, leech-sucking
TMZ can scoop this! Hah!

So one thing I’ve learned this week is that if you go to a festival in
Golden Gate park don’t be surprised if you leave with your nose permanently
smelling skunk. I went to a big free concert with 4 stages and there was
more pot there than a Sur La Table! (They sell pots…and pans.) I kept
walking into marijuana cloud after marijuana cloud. Geez people, if you
want to legalize pot the rules for cigars and cigarettes still apply…don’t
blow your rank smoke in my face! It smells! It smells like a skunk’s
behind (not that I’ve actually tried to quantify this but the reasoning
applies). I hate cigar and cigarette smoke, and really ALL smoke unless
it’s a delicious mesquite grill cooking dinner, so show some courtesy and
watch where you’re exhaling!

That said, maybe it’s time we do finally legalize it. I think this our a
big chance, and no matter who’s putting the money behind it, supposedly
cigarette companies and other awful people, I think if we don’t do this now
the next window won’t be open for many years. Oh, and speaking of windows,
you AIN’T smoking that stuff inside wherever I am if it gets legalized. You
go outside!

So enjoy this show and the craziness that ensues. And once again a BIG
CONGRATULATIONS to the future Gourleys getting married this weekend! The
wedding is going to be awesome, just as the bride and groom are!

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