Scientists for years have run the figures on what happens if you keep
pumping carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. They take into account ALL the
green house gasses in the world, not just from the United States. Other
countries are belching up poisons ten times worse than us. Logically,
doesn’t it seem with all this cee oh one being produced by the human
race (and our planet isn’t getting any bigger and those gasses have no way
of escaping out to the stars) we might be on a road to destruction?

Oh, but we can’t worry about that now, because our economy’s in the
crapper! Got to take care of that first. Got to keep drilling. Got
to keep pumping that gas into my SUV. Got to keep laughing at alternative
forms of energy because, ooooo, that’s just hippy hooey!

Seriously, the only reason why Republican and conservative talk show hosts
and politicians rail against “climate change” is because it messes with
people’s money. It’s like taxes. You’re taking money out of my pocket to
solve this problem. You’re interfering with my way of life…and that just
unAmerican! You would think that the potential to MAKE MONEY would appeal
to those who strongly identify with this party, and there is so much money
to be made in new ways of producing energy.

Out of the 100 new Republican politicians heading to congress, only half
believe climate change is real. How did we become the greatest nation on
earth with politicians not believing what our scientists are saying? You
may have heard that scientists have had enough. They are FINALLY going to
move together en masse to speak out about the defiant ignorance of so many
Americans today. We really should listen, and tell those friends and family
members who continue to live in the clouds to open their eyes and ears.
Yes, we want to be a competitive nation. No, we don’t want to put chains on
the companies that got us to the top, but we can’t deny the scientists that
put us there either. So get ready for a congress with politicians carrying
torches chasing after those who say the “world is round.” More importantly,
get ready for the scientists to fight back!

On a different note, Castro Valley, where I call home, is having an
interesting debate over a sign that was banished in 1997 by a group of over
800 people who didn’t like the way it looked. The sign cost the city
100,000 dollars and is sitting in storage. Why not use the sign? Who cares
what 800 people thought over 10 years ago? Tastes change. The town paid
for it. It should be used. And of the 800 people still around, they don’t
have to see it because we’ll put it on one of the less traveled streets.
This works out because there’s a canoe in the sign (in reference to a local
Native American tribe) and one of the less traveled streets is right next to
our main lake. Personally, I don’t see what the problem is. Then again,
I’ve only lived here a year.

So these two issues, one about affecting the environment with gas and the
other with ugly art, are what we talk about in this week’s podcast. Okay,
no, not really. In fact, I think we maybe talk about both for a half a
second each. But the podcast is still worth listening to. Funny stuff and
cool music. Really! Just pop that sucker in your ipod or mp3 player or
just click below this sentence to hear it now!


Oh, and here are the lyrics to the song you’re about to hear…
So it looks like that Glenn Beck
Is anti-semitic
It’s one white protestant box
of white men over at FOX
and thanks to do them Tea Partiers got in office
that means people who think Obama is a novice
are in power though most of them are rookies
it’s almost enough to make you lose your cookies
When you’re with the Flinstones
They’re a modern stone-age family
The party thinks like ancient cave men
Has the rest of praying AMEN…

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