This is Mike Matthews getting on the bus and heading to this week’s THE LAST
PLACE ON EARTH where we find out where you need to move to, like,
yesterday. Plus we find out the number one way this time of year to save
money. And we talk about the magic that is James Franco.

Plus we hear new music from Fuji Kureta, Pierlo, Nobody’s Bizness, and Atlas

The leftovers are almost gone so enjoy this new half hour show from THE LAST

So it’s that time of the year when we either don’t look in the mirror or we
decide to take the bull by the horns and try to take away the fat. This can
be done by watching what we eat, exercising, or just completely avoiding

Oh you, eggnog! Putting on pounds just from the most simple sip. The most
simple pouring of you in my coffee. Even your “lite” version is a hazard!
Dang you, eggnog!

This is the time of year that really puts some people in a pickle. All the
stress of getting everyone presents. All the stress of planning massive
family gatherings. We are forced to do this, forced to do that.

I’m noticing a lot of people getting off that merry go round. The really
clever ones get themselves invited to other people’s gatherings. I don’t
know how they do that. Maybe they just hang around long enough till some
one goes, “Hey, what are you doing this Christmas? Want to come over?”

Remember, the answer to this is ALWAYS, “Sure! What can I bring?”

Get the stress out of the holiday season! Realize that one of the reasons
this is a special time of year is because you see people that you probably
won’t see the rest of the year and you’re going to miss them (that is, the
one’s you actually like). Avoid traffic times as best you can, shop
intelligently, don’t buy just whatever the TV’s telling you to buy, and PUT
DOWN THE EGGNOG. Yes, even if it has brandy in it.

Oh, and put on a Santa hat at least once. This is MANDATORY! Putting one
of those goofy creations on always gets you in the mood.

Or the brim causes you to sneeze endlessly. Either way, it’s a hoot!

Oh, one more thing about this past Thanksgiving. Did you happen to see that
Taylor Swift special? Every year the country music flavor of the month gets
their own show which is watched by all those people stuffed with turkey who
can’t move from the couch and who can’t find any more football to watch. I
remember Shania Twain one year. This year was Taylor. She’s got the big
lips, squinty eyes, blonde hair thing going. The one thing I enjoyed about
the show was that they had a bunch of young people talk about how they
appreciated Taylor’s lyrics. Not her singing, not her stage performance,
but the words she actually wrote down. I love that kids are into that
artistic side of popular music these days. It gives me hope. Also a bit of
a rash.

With that incite, shouldn’t I have hosted my own morning show? You know, I
had the opportunity in Alabama, but I went with the 3pm to 7pm shift. In
hindsight, I would have had less of a chance of getting canned had I been on
in the morning AND been there all day running the station. Instead we
brought in some L.A. ego to do mornings who demanded way too much money and
who didn’t even last 6 months (and who hardly worked, had his underpaid
assistant do everything)!

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