Hello this is Mike Matthews boarding the bus taking us to the LAST PLACE ON
EARTH. This week we’ll hear from our future in-studio guest Tristen, as
well as the Crevulators, The Gruff, and the Underscore Orkestra. Plus we’ll
hear about a man trying to stop stop lights and find out what new smart
phone may take over in 2011.

The holidays were so much fun. My wife and I got to see her entire family
on her mom’s side all together in a big Christmas day gathering. Then we
hung out with relatives on her dad’s side. Christmas was a packed day!

For New Years my wife and I had friends over who we knew back in
college…though we went to different colleges. We discovered that
Bananagram game and played for a couple hours. That game’s pretty tricky
and requires quick, flexible thinking as you try to put all your letters
into words (like Scrabble on crack).

Castro Valley is pulling itself out of the holiday mood. Every where you
look there’s Christmas trees laying on their sides. Residents have two
trash days to put out their trees for collection. Invariably someone
forgets and we end up with a rotting dried out fire hazard come July 4th
just lying on one of the side streets. Aren’t you glad no one uses tinsel
anymore? That stuff never came out of the tree…or your carpet or your
clothes or your dog’s intestinal system.

So it’s been about 6 years since I did my Santa Fe Cafe show on the radio
back in Ventura County. In doing this show, THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH, I have
been trying to resurrect some of the characters I created during the old
show’s 11 year run. This week we hear from one we haven’t heard from yet,
plus I introduce a new segment. Click below to enjoy this half hour show
and find out all the surprises!

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Early February we’ll have on the show our first musical guest, Tristen!
She’s playing at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on Wednesday, February
2nd. You can hear one of the songs off her new album, Charlatans at the
Garden Gate, during this effizode! Thanks for listening!