Hello I’m Mike Matthews on the bus taking us to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!
We’ll hear from Gaan, Hot Fire, the Pop Winds, and our up-coming musical
guest Tristen. We’ll also dive into the growing apparent extinction of what
was once known as “radio” and find out who the unassuming pioneers are who
are slowly taking away the last of radio’s fan base. You’re entering
another dimension…up ahead…THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

As I write this to you I am on a procrastination binge for my paper that I
need to write by this time tomorrow. It’s a simple paper…simply a
paper…one stinkin’ paper…one stinkin’ page! HOW CAN THIS BE SO
DIFFICULT!?! Because, yes, I am back to school. Local community college
(the school where Tom Hanks went) but I am back to school!

I had to put my paper on hold as I saw a very important milestone approach.
I had to literally, rather, figuratively, pull off to the side of this
academic road to record and bring to you EFFIZODE 17 of THE LAST PLACE ON
EARTH! That’s a milestone because my last show, THE MESSY DESK, only
reached to effizode 16 due to my wife and I moving the hell outta Alabama.
So nice to finally reach and surpass this former finish line. It’s now
onward and upward. (Of course, if I never finish this paper, it’s outward
and flunk-ward!)

Thanks for reading this quick, short blog. I just had to let you know my
excitement and happiness about being back in school and back on your mp3
player. Researching is so different now from when I was in school (you’ll
get a clear time-line from my opening song this week). You now can use
google! How cool is that! I think I’m pretty good at that already so
hopefully I’ll get something a little north of a “D!”

Oh, this week on my little segment called “Mike’s Scavenger Hunt” we go to a
cool place I found in Sonora over the New Years weekend with my friends
Christy and Jason. If you like candy you’ll love hearing about this place.
It’s a place of pure imagination!

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Thanks and keep an eye out for my upcoming interviews with some cool artists
including Tristen and the group Eulogy!

Now, back to my paper. No, seriously.