HERE IS effizode 24 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with special guest IRENE  PENA!    This is Mike Matthews bringing you another show from the o
HERE IS effizode 24 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with special guest IRENE

This is Mike Matthews bringing you another show from the one place on Earth
that is the LAST place on Earth! We have some great music waiting for us
and Chely Shoehart, our 18 year old giftshop supervisor, makes a return

This week we have a very talented singer/songwriter from Seattle named Irene
Pena. She and I have an interesting backstory. No, she’s not an ex or
anything like that! We used to work at the same crazy corporation
together! And I mean CRAZY!!! I ended up lingering within that very
lopsided business far longer than Irene did, and it was to my own peril! I
ended up moving my wife and I to another state and then I got let go after a
year. Um, any cab money for the ride home, guys? Oh, yeah, and that was
one big BOYS CLUB! And no, not the cool 80’s band that featured members
from The Jets and had one hit song “I Remember Holding You.” No, this was a
bunch of unregulated a-holes pardon my francais!

But after 2 years and several podcasts later, I don’t miss that nutty
company. Yet thanks to social networks and the shrinking landscape in which
we live, I was able to reconnect with Irene and hey! She listens to the
show! So she’s on this week. Her self-penned tunes are awesome and you can
hear them all right here!

So my last guest, Hey Rosetta!, might be getting me onto the radio. There
was someone affiliated with them who is letting stations know about this
show beyond what can do. At some point we might be on the radio
again! If we just remain on the Internet forever, however, I don’t mind
because I know that listeners like you are loyal and I shall continue
producing this show for you! I am trying to get this show on the campus
radio station of the community college I go to. Of course, they don’t
respond to emails, even from student accounts supplied by the very college
they work for, so I must track down the program director to ask if I can
play this show on their airwaves.

But stronger than airwaves, please tell all your friends about this show.
We can build this thing! It’s a regular show that’s out every week that
promotes cool artists and gives you a fun audio alternative to all the other
stuff. Which brings me to other podcasts out there. Really, it’s all down
to just radio and tv podcasts as well as big name celebrity podcasts. Where
are the in-home made podcasts? Where are the not-big names? I wanna hear
something different! I wanna hear a music show that’s also got comedy and
variety in it! When I look up podcasts using the “music” tag, all I get is
just music. Shouldn’t it have talking in it since it’s called a podcast?
If it’s just music, maybe it shouldn’t be called a podcast. Maybe it should
be called an album!

Oh, and I’m really tired of turkey meat. Just thought I’d say that. The
ground kind. Used to think it was amazing. Now, just tired o’ it.

So as rain cascades down and various storm drains become backed up, and oh
how I praise you precious storm drains!, here is effizode number 24…

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Thanks! Next week it’s more of our interview with Eliza Doolittle who has
since been at SXSW and featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

See you then!