HERE's effizode 25 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with MIKE MATTHEWS!!!    Click to listen to the show here...    People

Click to listen to the show here…

People watch TV at night
I’m doing this show instead, alright?
Got a paper to write tomorrow
Has something to do with something bizarro
Oh I went and watched THE FIGHTER one more time
I take it back, Amy Adams acted better than a mime
It’s funny how when you see a film again
Some things you said before get tossed in a bin
No there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues
Yes summer’s almost here
So get on your sweating gear!

Hi this Mike Matthews. Join me this week as we hear more of our interview
with up and coming British performer Eliza Doolittle fresh off her big week
at South by South West. We’ll also find out what Valentino the Parking
Attendant and Bison Bentley are mad about regarding this show. And we’ll
talk to a politician who’s busy defunding one radio company so he can fund
another. Come with me to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

One of the cool things about having a show like this is when little things
hit you during the week and you go…argh! I can’t wait to talk about it!
As if talking about it will help diffuse the “argh” from earlier. Of
course, when I actually sit down to do the show 9 times out of 10 I forget
what it was I was “argh-ing” about!

I just want to know, how are you watching movies on regular network or cable
television anymore? I’m not talking about the cable stations that don’t
show any commercials. I’m talking the ones that now actually tell you that
“this movie was modified, edited and TIME COMPRESSED.” Why on earth would
you watch a movie that’s been diced and sliced like that? Are you that
starved for entertainment? Believe me, there are THOUSANDS of podcast out
there, both just audio or with video that are far more worthy of your time.
I use Mediafly to listen to audio podcasts on this system made by Logitech
called Squeeze Box. It’s not perfect; shows drop out and other odd things
happen. But someone needs to make it easier for this privately produced
entertainment to get to our general purpose televisions. One of the reasons
why people aren’t flocking to this is because they want to just sit back and
be entertained and not have to “search” or “click around” to find content.
But after watching 5 minutes of regular television, I can tell you there is
no content on tv to be seen!

So enjoy the show and check back here next week to hear more of our
interview from that amazing band from Newfoundland called Hey Rosetta!

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