HERE is EFFIZODE 26 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with MIKE MATTHEWS and his  special guest HEY ROSETTA!    Listen here...
special guest HEY ROSETTA!

Listen here…

Hello this is Mike Matthews boarding the bus that takes us to THE LAST PLACE
ON EARTH. Today’s half hour of happy includes more of our interview with
the phenomenal Newfoundland band Hey Rosetta! plus Chely Shoehart our 18
year old giftshop supervisor discovers a horrible secret about herself and
Floyd the Floorman finally puts his foot down! In a bucket! What’s up with
him? It’s all coming up next at THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

Glen Beck is leaving Fox. Here’s the thing…it’s not like he’s retiring.
He’s still going to be on radio and doing little features and still having a
presence across the so called “un-liberal media.” Is the Tea Party turning
into a party of quitters? Palin? Beck? Is it “we’re going to take BACK
America!” or “I’m going to take a nap…on my BACK.”

This week we explore the very prevalent phenomena in our culture of aging
rockstars. What was once deemed cooler than cool is now turning into a
bunch of guys who can’t hit high notes that smoked way too much and just
aged like the rest of us…or aged worse than the rest of us (but had fun
doing it!).

I’m hearing a lot lately about what it’s like to work for Google. I think
that I will never be able to work there, but if I did I would be treated to
free laptops, free computer swag of all sorts, a cafeteria that is being
completely misnomered by calling it that for it’s more like a gourmet
restaurant with incredibly healthy food and every service under the sun: on
sight doctors, fitness trainers, doggy kennels, childcare. Utopia has been
found on Earth and its name, strangely enough, is Google!

Oh, by the way, here’s something else I found out…If you’re looking for a
job and you think you’ve got an “in” somewhere and it turns out one day that
your “in” person tells you, “Oh, you want a job here? I can’t help you.
You have to apply like everybody else.” This happened to a friend of mine.
How is that person even an “in” person? People claim they “know” people all
the time. If you live here in the Bay Area, stop thinking that you’re
special that you know someone at Pixar! EVERYONE knows someone at Pixar!
Someone in my computer class said they knew someone at Pixar and they “were
so cool to work for!” Yeah, you know what? It’s Hollywood. When they’re
making a movie, nobody goes home. It’s work all day and night. You have no
life. Working for Pixar is your life so you might as well find a nice
little overpriced (even in this economy) condo in Emeryville and just not
even move in cuz you’ll never live there. I had my head bitten off in
computer class for saying that. “No programmers have lives!” said one of
the young pock marked fresh faces sitting next to me. Well, go for it,
little youngin’! Tell me how that works out for you when you’re 40 and
you’ve gone through 80 relationships with women who didn’t want to stick
around because you were never around cuz you were working on the next
disney-formulaic movie to get nominated (and not win) for Best Picture.

Oh…excuse me. I watched a Lewis Black special last night. in a ranting

In my intro song for this week’s show I sing about how I overheard someone
(this also happened to be in my computer class…god I get some material
from that class!) get upset because someone else was invading their personal
space. You know what invades my personal space? I’ve said it before, but
people yelling on their cellphones in a public place. How can we be living
in 2011, the cellphone being around for well over 20 years, and people are
still yelling on those? Etiquette, people! I don’t care how your friends
talk on the cellphone when in the privacy of your own group, when you’re
loud, you’re loud! We can ALL here you! If we were smart, we should all
tell you EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID when you end your call. You want privacy? I
don’t think so!

Thanks a lot Lewis! You’ve made my blog more ranty than usual. Okay.
Well, enjoy this week’s show. Hey Rosetta! and their lead singer, Tim
Baker, talk to us in more of our interesting interview with them, plus, as
you read earlier, craziness ensues with some of the cafe characters.

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Next week it’s more of our interview with singer/songwriter Irene Pena as
well as a visit from the Disgruntled Fiddle Player and the Brewmaster. We
could all use a brew these days!