2012 Will Be a Very, Very Interesting Year!

That’s me with a very cute dog named Madison. She’s a Yorkshire Terrier and she loves to attack my round bald head. She must think I’m a mobile doggy toy only when you bite me I don’t squeak…I squawk.

So this picture was taken yesterday, the third of July, not too long after I saw online that Sarah Palin is resigning.

Today’s WHAT THE HECK?!? Sarah is really preparing for 2012, NOW in 2009? Her term was up next year, but what can 4 years do to make her the first female president of the U.S.A.?

First off, if I was a Republican right now, I’d feel like I did as a Democrat back in 2000 when we really had no main leader in the party. Then I’d be looking at SP and saying…SP? I was really hoping when she first exploded on the scene last year that she’d be a breath of fresh air. Someone that I’d be happy seeing being the next vice president.

People on the right say she was side swiped by the media. Katie Couric was too harsh on her. All the media outlets went after her poor defenseless pregnant daughter. How dare they! It’s the media’s fault!

I am SOOOOO tired of hearing the media blamed for what really is someone who doesn’t know how to carry herself in front of the cameras. Ronald Reagan blew away everyone in 1980 when he took office and began to show both parties that he knew how to work that camera. He knew how to work the media. He was the Great Communicator. In the couple of months before the election that Sarah Palin was in the spotlight she only showed that she has no idea what she’s doing in that department.

Who knows, maybe she would have been the best VP we ever had. Maybe our country would be completely out of its financial doldrums right now because of her. She tried her best at the very end by actually showing up on Saturday Night Live to poke fun at herself. However, she could have toured with Madonna, there was no way of stopping the Obama Express.

I will be so interested to see what she does. I have friends like her: Conservative, hard working moms, thick Wisconsin-whatever accents. I think I might like her if I got to know her, but the people behind the scenes of the GOP will take her and mould her and make her into something I unfortunately might despise. I think she’s someone who takes direction well. She said she was a maverick, but when she was being moulded by the GOP late last year before the election it was painfully obvious: the clothes, the rhetoric. You could tell when she was lying. This concerns me.

So on this Fourth of July weekend, say a prayer for this country, say a prayer for the people who will vote for president in 2012 (Obama VS Palin?), and say a prayer for all the world’s problems that we may have smart cool-headed leaders solving them.

Speaking of heads, I think I’ve just about wiped all the little dog slobber off of my bald cabeza.