So NBC has really done it! They’ve booted Conan. He needed time to build his audience back in ’93 when he started. The affiliates today are whiney babies. They couldn’t wait. The thought of having the old chin guy back made them pee their pants with excitement. NBC CEO zuckyman bowed to pressure because he wets his pants regularly. Leno will suck at 11:35. I will NOT watch him. I will follow Conan wherever he goes!

The entertainment industry is full of fickle fools who don’t care about giving anything time. I built a radio station and was let go after only 10 months because the station wasn’t number 1. The station exists today and is getting WORSE ratings than when I ran it. The ratings came out yesterday and IT’S DEAD LAST!

Don’t get into the entertainment industry. IT IS RUN BY MORONS. ONLY SCUM RISES TO THE SURFACE. IT’S ALL EVIL EVIL PEOPLE AT THE TOP. Rock your own creativity on the internet! Build your empire on the internet because THAT IS THE LAST MEDIUM THAT TRULY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE!