So I actually ended up watching that new Seinfeld show. My wife and I “hulu’d” it (as we don’t ever EVER watch television) and we could not believe how bad it was.

What? You LIKED it? Why? You know, there’s 80 billion episodes of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” you still need to watch that are 10 times funnier than this. How can you take 2 of the funniest men in the world, Alec Baldwin and Jerry, and make them bland and boring? It HURT just watching them trying to hold back so not to get a big note from NBC corporate telling them “oh, that’ll offend people. Tsk tsk. Edit before airing.”

The thing is, Jerry used to NEVER hold back. You remember his TV show, nothing was off limits, and it was funny…AND EVERYONE LOVED IT! My mom and dad found it when it was in reruns and loved it. There is a brilliance to its outlandishness. This new Jerry-produced show that preempted the finale of the Olympics had anything but brilliance.

Usually at this point in my blog I’ll go into a “why do we even watch TV anyway?” rant. Why do we even care? Is it some ridiculous nostalgic state we get into when we remember how many hours we spent in front of the tube when we were kids making it home to school before the parents? Oh, Brady Bunch is on!

More and more people are clicking off the TV and turning on their computers to weed out the crap and find only the best content. Hold back on buying that 80 inch TV screen and dropping loads of bucks on cable or a satellite dish. You may just want to increase the size of your computer monitor and put a couch by it for your family to sit down and watch. Just think of the money you’ll save! (And you won’t end up being a mindless automaton!) Less commercials, too!

There is no reason why we should watch shows like this. Hopefully, Seinfeld’s horrible reality-show-meets-boring-panel will die a quick death.

But then again, I don’t care, because I won’t be watching anyway. Thanks Hulu for showing me what I’m NOT missing!