I was listening to “World Have Your Say” today and heard an interesting discussion centered on what is perceived that women don’t promote themselves enough. It then veered off to how women have to be “tougher” in the workplace for them to get ahead.

Many interesting women called in and commented on how they disagreed or agreed. I would like to say that I, as a male, have always witnessed this “good ol’ boys club” mentality that seems to be everywhere in the business world (particularly in radio).

I was once told by a superior that I needed to be a jerk to my staff. I needed to treat them like a complete jerk (I use this word instead of the profanity that was actually said). I looked at him and said, “Okay” thinking in my head, is this really how this has to be?

I was always told and always believed that being a “nice person” will get you ahead. That simply isn’t the case. The mean people are the one’s on top, and they push the nice people down…they take advantage of them.

Veering away from the discussion of the show myself, I think that this “good ol’ boy” mentality has done everything to hurt this country. This “mean person” mentality in the workplace only ends up hurting us all. There needs to be steps taken to reverse this.

How? With discussions like this. I’m blogging about it now, but I will speak to others about it. “World Have Your Say” doesn’t have a huge radio following here in America, but across England and other English speaking countries it is listened to and many of these listeners chimed in.

We have a huge employment rate. Are the employers themselves to blame?