What’s with the crass shouting from the Republican side?

I know a lot of smart, civil Republicans. You can sit down and have a normal conversation with them.

But this weekend, you’ve got Tea Party members yelling racial epithets at politicians at our nation’s capitol. You have a Republican politician yelling “baby killer” during a Democrat representative’s speech. A Republican politician yelled “you lie” at the president during his speech to Congress a few months ago…what gives?

The party that endorses “family values” can’t get a basic human value right…you don’t shout bigoted comments…period! You don’t shout out ANYTHING during someone’s speech when you’re sitting in the capitol. Isn’t that considered a form of political treason? Free speech is allowed, but with some manners.

I don’t know how anyone can say they’re affiliated with the Tea Party after this weekend. If you are affiliated with the Tea Party you ARE a racist. Period. If you don’t see what the basic underlying sentiment is of your party then you are flat out naive.

And if you were expecting to wake up this morning to a socialist/communist country, you are worrying about far too many things, my friend. You need to prioritize. Get a life…period.