It’s seems like the easiest thing to do. Voice acting. People who portray little dogs or genies or fish get paid the mega bucks.

Throughout my radio career people would say to me…hey! Why don’t you audition to be in a cartoon? You can do that.

Yes, anyone can do that. Really, those actors getting paid for it are doing the least amount of work possible. “Oh, I had to actually pretend I was a bunny rabbit!” Big deal. Those actors are laughing all the way to the bank.

Mike Myers got 108,000 dollars a minute last time he played Shrek. Sadly, that’s the only memorable thing he’s done lately. Did you see him in Inglourious Basterds? What the heck was that? Did you see Love Guru? Ditto.

There was a time when actors made much much less portraying animated cartoon characters. These people did not have big names outside of the cartoon world. They specifically did cartoons. Nowadays you’ve got people doing live action and then cartoons. The reason lies in the fact that since Aladdin and Robin Williams drawing in huge audiences with his over-the-top antics, movie makers will only hire big names for their cartoons (well now, computer animated movies).

This is stretching to all areas of media. Nobody gets a break anymore because everything is farmed out to the major stars. Everyone wants a firm return on their investments so only the big names will do. The rest of the entertainment industry (show business) just kowtows to these few talentless overated dweebs.

I gave up on show business. I gave up on creative forms of expression on the movie or tv screen. I gave up on any written story ever truly touching me again. That is the most cynical thing I’ve ever written, but honestly what more can I say about it? I have had enough.

So as I avoid another green-ogre-farting-donkey movie, I will either be writing something full-of-sunshine on the internet or screaming at the poster of the new Twilight movie on the bus as it drives by.

So much to do.