I stand corrected!

I was avoiding “The Blind Side” since I saw “The Proposal” on the plane moving back from Alabama to California and had to tell myself to stop looking at the screen and ditching my rented earphones after 20 minutes.

“The Blind Side” is well done. Some say Sandra did hardly any acting in it. I disagree. She really made me believe she was that mom. She even got that Tennessee/Mississippi accent down right (well, I think so having lived in Alabama for 2 years).

Okay, I admit, that movie was awesome. It made me feel a little weird in the scene with all the college football coaches coming to recruit Michael. I remember that Southern/football mentality. That muchismo good ol’ boys club. I couldn’t stand that about the South and about radio.

Which brings me to 2 things…The South is totally what that movie says: Lots of “you need to be Christian” and then people acting like complete hypocrits. There’s the clash of Southern hospitality with “wow, I never thought we’d adopt a black kid before we’d meet our first Democrat.”

The other thing is I HATE THE GOOD OL’ BOYS CLUB IN RADIO! I just have to accept it, if you don’t play golf with the college football-lovin’ old guy who’s been married 8 times and hates any music that came out after 1980, you don’t have a prayer. There was a time in radio that I didn’t have to deal with these people. Then along came 2007 and getting bought out by a huge company and dealing with people who were all male and all intent on keeping radio on a tight tight playlist and burning songs into the ground.

I can’t take it anymore. I listen to talk radio when I’m in a listening situation and since I hate commercials and hate conservative extremist right wing egomaniacs I listen to npr or the bbc or anything else with my wonderful invention called “The Squeeze Box” by Logitech (it picks up and plays in perfect stereo anything on your computer but it looks like a radio).

People have to realize that wonderful wonderful technology will save us from these “traditional” media outlets. There is no need to listen to Ryan Seacrest on 80 stations. Why let your life revolve around him? Expand your mind with stations from all over the world. Even if you don’t have a Squeeze Box you can do it with your own computer.

Now, back to our movie.

Well, I really don’t have anything left to say except that I was getting really tired of movies that lost steam by their second act. Movies like “Up in the Air” or “Where the Wild Things Are” or “The Invention of Lying.” They all have great setups but then get so bogged down in slow jibbajabbah by the middle of the movie. At least “The Blind Side” kept going and if you weren’t moved by it then you probably don’t pump blood and cogitate like the rest of us humans.

Well, THAT WAS A BLOG ENTRY NOW WASN’T IT?!!?! Hope you enjoyed it and remember: If you’re part of a militia now’s about the time to wonder if killing a bunch of people because you’re a bigot who can’t stand a black man in the White House is really a smart move.

Might as well keep staring at your Palin poster and drooling. Oh, and do the rest of us a favor and DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE!

PS…”blind side” good.