The other day I was talking to a conservative friend of mine and he started whining that Obama was passing legislation to make it law that calories be posted on menus in chain restaurants.

Well of course!

I didn’t get into a big discussion with my friend about it, but the facts are these: Americans are fat. Really fat. No that’s not just something you’re hearing all the time from the “left-wing media.” We ARE fat.

Living in Alabama where nobody goes outside and nobody walks or exercises, I saw people of enormous size. Even now here in California, I see some big people, but I also see big people trying to work off the weight by walking on the ample walking trails supplied everywhere by the state.

Last year my wife and I discovered SparkPeople dot com. The thing that makes this website so fantastic is it shows you exactly how many calories are in the things you eat. When I could actually see it I was flabbergasted. When I could actually see it I was struck by how my body works and how any left over calories at the end of the day is going to be turned into fat.

I lost 30 pounds with SparkPeople in 4 months. Well, I thank them and living in the hottest place on earth, Huntsville, AL. I couldn’t walk two feet during the summer without exploding into sweat.

Here in California my wife and I have gotten a dog, a boxer, and I am walking him everywhere since there is an abundance of walking trails here. So many that I could cry (Alabama had virtually nothing). I would like to get back into lifting weights at some point but right now I’m focusing on walking.

We need to be shown what the calories are. Calories are as important if not more important than the price also listed next to the menu item. To complain about making this a law is just another way to hate our current president. The huge food franchises don’t care how fat we get. They put nutritional things on their menu but they’re pathetic at best. If you’re putting over a thousand calories into one of your sandwiches (which you are advertising everywhere about) then I need to know! The major fast food places will NOT regulate themselves. We saw how well companies handling our money regulate themselves!

Yes, people that already eat crappy food are going to continue eating crappy food and being fat, etc. But the rest of us who are trying to make sense of what we put in our bodies are thankful. We are able to keep track without having to have a computer by our side.

Seriously, you conservatives are really a bunch of whiners lately. You have got to put a sock in it. No one wants to hang out with so many negative people!