He said reluctantly.

Though Conan says moving to basic cable is part of his plan after going from network tv to twitter, I think Conan moving to TBS at least means he doesn’t have to deal with the “major idiots” that run network tv.

Everyone thought for sure he was going to FOX. Turns out the dark overlord of media, Rupert Murdock, wasn’t convinced and told his suits to bring him complex mathematical formulas to prove it would be profitable.

Who needs that kind of pressure? He had that in spades with NBC.

Now he can be where a nice young following is developing with George Lopez and other sitcom/comedy fair. He will rule the roost there just as Jon Stewart rules Comedy Central at the same time period…uh oh.

That is going to be problematic. Conan vs Jon. They have the same type of irreverent brilliant humor. They are immensely entertaining. However, this IS 2010 and we have tivo and other such amazing advances in comedy watching.

Maybe they can even appear on each other’s shows. Make it a “non-sweeps” week, when either one is on vacation anyway.

That’s not important. The important thing is Conando is coming back in November and hopefully he’ll steal enough of Leno’s audi…

Wait a minute, is anybody watching that boring conservative chin fest really going to watch Conan?

Who needs ’em!