So as you may know I am not a fan of regular TV. News came out today that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are canceling their TV service.


How are they getting their entertainment? Oh, it’s little thing called the COMPUTER! It can show them any TV show AND it can give it to them with only one (sometimes 2) 30 to 60 second commercials.

Why? Why would you sit through 3 minute commercial sets ever again? Why would you watch the stupid local talking head idiots that garnish the local news. You’ve got all the news you need on your computer. I found out about Conan going to TBS long before tv or radio ever announced it.

Why would you ever pay for lousy lousy television? Yes, there are a few good shows left, but you can watch them WHEN YOU WANT TO on the computer (of course, after they’ve aired on regular tv the first time).

DVD services are getting cheaper and cheaper. Though Blockbuster is getting their balls busted, all the online services and your local supermarket redbox-type services are exploding! Redbox has a pretty limited service, but Netflix, etc, lets you get old movies and entire tv show seasons with the click of a button.

Which leads me to a DVD I really enjoyed, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary. This was hil-HAIR-ious! Okay, enough of the Gene Shalit puns. I was really surprised how funny this was and very eye opening for a white male. I had no idea what black women went through to get that “straight hair look” and how the cost effects black men. Chris Rock took the topic and hit it from every angle. Believe me, there’s lots of fascinating and funny material in all this. I am all about embracing your “natural look” (I was born with very curly hair I could never manage growing up and was teased mercilessly until one day I stopped trying to comb it and let it become a fro. Subsequently, as I got older my “receding hair line gene” kicked in and I lost all my hair. I said no to Rogaine and just went bald. I shave it every other day now.)

As for a great tv show to watch online, my wife and I are hooked on “The Dog Whisperer,” “Parenthood” and she’s more hooked on “Project Runway” than I am. I love Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn but the judges are so uneven in their critiques I think they’ve shot their credibility long ago. “Parenthood” has gotten better the longer it’s been on, and “Dog Whisperer” is so helpful if you own a dog. Other dog trainers I’ve seen on camera are always so stale and boring, they make owning a dog seem like such a chore. The way Cesar Milan shows the beauty in living with your dog the right way is brilliant. There is something so rewarding in watching his show and it doesn’t get too shmaltzy and fake like so many other reality base shows.

So cancel your cable! Keep your computer access. Set up a couch by your computer! Plug in some good speakers. Oh, and if you’re into sports you’re not listening to a word I said because you’re addicted to all the scantily-clad women commercials (and they really haven’t come up with a way to televise sports on the internet). But for non-sports obsessed people like me, I’m loving my internet-based world.

It’s about time cable companies saw us giving them the finger!