What? You didn’t see this headline recently? Oh, it happens often nowadays. Why? Because of “the economy.”

That and only the CRAP rises to the top. The white, male CRAP!

So I work for a company for 8 years, do everything I can for it, burn out my weekends for it, kill most my nights for it, and then I get respectfully dismissed. No one cries foul. No one wonders about the horrible imbalance of power. No one wonders why.

This happens over and over not only in the entertainment industry (ie. Conan) but elsewhere in every business that lives. Only the crap rises.

It depresses me. I wonder, am I the only one? No! Apparently this happens to all who get let go from former companies. Well, more so from those who gave their all.

I can only feel better knowing that I’m happy not having to work for such an awful company anymore. A company that let me go USING A SURROGATE! Yes, the white male fool didn’t even have the courage to do it himself. Just months earlier, I was told to let go one of my own staff and it was a hard experience as I had to drive the said individual home (since they had driven to work in the company car). The fool who dismissed me did it from a desk hundreds of miles away while he was thinking about his golf game or some stupid Alabama football team.

I feel there has come a time, now, in this Democratic run government, where the feathered bird has come home to roost and the brown substance has hit the fan. Companies are finding it harder to run this way, making the cowardly white people scared and bringing power back to the hard working Americans.

I pound this keyboard in a very bitter state. But let me tell you that this blog brings me solace. It brings me happiness to know that others out there have been here. They have seen this. They may even know the company I complain about without saying the name or the people involved. There are hard hardworking people. They need to be recognized.

They need to know their sweat was not in vain.

Conan found fairness in TBS. May we all find our TBS.