I guess when the day that gets you the most heated finally comes around, you have to either put up or shut up.

In their case, they were flushed out.

So to look through several news outlets not controlled by the “left wing conspiracy,” the complaint that is at the basic foundation of the tea party, that we pay too much in taxes, is untrue. We don’t and we’re paying far less than we have in a long time. Most people don’t even know the kind of tax breaks they’re getting because the one the thing this current administration can be criticized for is they’re not publicizing it enough.

So if that’s the case, where were these tea-drinking hypocrites 3 even 2 years ago when we had a president taxing us more? Oh wait, he was a Republican, that doesn’t count.

So (yes, the third paragraph I’m starting with that word) the fox tv variety show host sean hannity, whom I must disclose I worked with back at KCSB in 1989 before he became “a success,” was supposed to be the big guest at the cincinnati tea party rally. He had to cancel because the organizers of the event were charging for admission. They were “taxing” their attendees. No matter how much s.h.(*t) tries to explain himself and say what the teabaggers were really doing (protesting a black president) was commendable, the fact is he drew more attention by NOT SHOWING. He basically caused “the big curtain drop” on this ill-founded movement.

I have Republican friends. I understand their complaints of big government. I get lost in their explanation, however, of trying to defend a biggoted grass-roots organization.

I must not be drinking enough tea. I do love a good ice tea…with just a dash of stevia.