Some people say regulation will kill this country. Well, we’ve seen what’s happened with the economy, with the coal mine industry, and with the Gulf being forever sullied.

We are a world that, left to its own devices, will NOT do the right thing. Yes, government is the only thing with the force to stop the injustices that big unscrupulous companies will do to the planet.

If there is one iota of peril involved with anything the big corporations are doing. If they can threaten even one human being with their decisions, then they must be watched.

I am so disgusted with BP. What they are doing in the Gulf is a make-it-up-as-we-go-along scenario. They mean to tell you that they did NO PLANNING WHATSOEVER in the case of an emergency. Ironic how the red states will be the ones who will endure the immediate consequences.

BP passed the buck when put on the hot seat on Capitol Hill. They’ve acted like irresponsible children. How did we ever let such ingrates have a permit to drill in our waters? Who is standing behind BP now that they have shown to the world how horrible they are?

Do your part. Avoid BP gas stations. Endorse any candidate or any proposition the promotes regulating and restricting companies that could force another environmental catastrophe on us.

The media, yes ALL media, has done so little to bring this story to the fore. I think that’s a product of the right-wing more than anything. After all, it’s their desire that we drill and destroy all of our beautiful American coastline.

All for a lousy buck.