Calibama Weather Poorcasts

Let me quote for you the weather forecast as of 7pm last night:

A strong storm system will kick off showers and thunderstorms as early as tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Some heavy rain is possible as well as strong wind gusts.

Let’s look outside shall we? This morning, right now, there is sun so blinding I’ve had to tip my window shades. Not a cloud in the sky. WHAT THE HECK???

Back in California, no one could get the forecast right either. There’s a guy named Fritz Coleman, who’s been doing the tv news weather forecast for at least 30 years and even had a slogan “Fritz said it would be like this.” We never went by what he said. In California, since everyone is spoiled, it’s just assumed we’re going to have sun, but how much HAZE are we going to have? And along with that, how much smog? Maybe it was asking too much of poor Fritz, but we could hardly go by anything he said.

Here in Alabama it’s ten times worse! I know this because I was on the other end of that doppler radar. The information is so sketchy, all you get is a couple arrows and lines and an occasional triangle. Of course, you would think my local tv could get the best meteorologist they can to interpret this. No! Radio and tv stations locally, probably all over the country by this point, just rip and read (now cut and paste) whatever’s on the AP weather wire, and that ain’t based in my town!

Times are hard. My local media, newspaper included, is holding on by a thread. Not to mention, the old media model has been shifting for years now and is finally coming to a head: tv stations are cleaning house, radio stations ARE being run completely by ONE person, newspapers are migrating to online and downsizing to a 3rd of their size in the process. Meanwhile, the weather is better predicted by that little yellow almanac you bought at Lowe’s.

That’s my minute. Gotta go out and enjoy the sunny day.