Blogging As The Sky Falls Down

So yesterday in my blog I complained about how the weather people were always wrong. Well, I’m still right about that basic observation, but the one’s working on the local tv station did a fantastic job last night as ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE and, yes, the winds came, the tornadoes came, the thunder and lightning came. They did something that I think will morph into something bigger in years to come: a blog that was constantly updated as people wrote in with questions about specific areas being hit by the impending weather. You could read the answers and scroll up to see if the question you were wondering about was answered earlier. Fantastic idea. Of course, I could see this on cellphones (at no extra cost) in the future.

Todays WHAT THE HECK??? My podcast yesterday (at OR OR just to the right in that column there). I went to start the show, and when I start I don’t like to stop. It’s only 30 minutes so what the heck, I should be able to get through it. However, all the thunder rumblings and lightning flashes coming through my window overlooking the Messy Desk TOTALLY THREW ME OFF!!! Not to mention, like an idiot, I didn’t turn my lights on. It was 4:30, why should I? It’s summertime basically so we should have light outside till 6. But no! When severe weather is on top of your head there’s generally not so much illumination. So much for getting through that snap bang article about Kava, the drink from Fiji.

So to sum up for today’s minute, these are tough times. I’m hatin’ on the shrinking local media outlets, but not on the hard-workin’, on-the-front-lines people who are giving it all they’ve got to give us as much of the same service as we had once upon a time when those same businesses had twice or three times the staff. I salute you my brothers…ex-brothers since I’m out of that biz.

And here’s to you, you hard workin’ individual who found time to actually read this blog. Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it!