A Sign of Being Old and Being "Over It"

I am going to get around to doing a podcast at michaelmatthews.podomatic.com, but first I must blog.

My WHAT THE HECK?!? My BACK! This week I was hit with a pain right in that small back region. I think part of the cause was lifting something rather heavy in the garage without using my legs and the growing stress upon the realization that my wife and I are REALLY MOVING!

It just makes sense…or it makes no sense. We are moving back to a state whose houses are now at a price we haven’t seen in years, yet we’re leaving a state and a city that is the best area to find a job according to a new study. We’ve got a real estate agent now, so we’ve jumped out of the plane, now we’ve got to pull the rip chord.

Maybe that’s a little dramatic. We could take the house off the market and stay if we want. But do we? Yeah, jobs are abundant here in Huntsville, Alabama, but who enjoys working for a “good ol’ boys” club? Maybe you like it: the smoking cigars on a golf course while cheering Cheney on finally making his PUNXSUTAWNEY GROUND HOG MOMENT to try to prove he was a good dad to us after all. “Everything I did, I DID IT FOR YOU! You have NO IDEA WHAT I WENT THROUGH to keep this country safe! You may be all smitten with this new president guy, BUT HE HAS NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE WHAT I DID TO KEEP YOU SAFE! Now I’m going back underground to breathe my secret life-extending gas and I’ll come back out when you REALIZE WHAT A GOD I AM!”

It’ll be nice to leave an area that is so gaga over such a ridiculous Rush-Sean-wannabe radio show as “Rick and Bubba.” In California they have that show absolutely NO WHERE! I will tell people about it there and they will laugh at me! Really? They have a show like that? Well I guess that’s the South for you! I moved to this part of the country with AN OPEN MIND. I thought people here weren’t the stereotype. I was willing and ready to be proven wrong! Yep, I was wrong.

Maybe the pain in my back is a little voodoo on me for being negative about all this. But at this point, I’m no longer negative. I’m feeling more positive every day.

Now I positively need some Motrin.