Conan VS Jimmy

Everybody wave high to Buddy! Buddy’s a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix (according to the owners who are fairly certain of his origins). My wife loves this dog and we would be taking him with us to California if the whole exodus wasn’t going to be so cumbersome already.

We will be moving our own stuff across the 5 or so states back to Cali. Yeah, stagecoach style. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to it. I like to travel, but moving traveling is not the same.

So keeping my mind off that, I’ve been watching and thoroughly enjoying the new Conan Tonight Show. Yes! I’m sure everyone 60 plus has stopped watching, but Conan knew that and even did a funny bit about it. Everything that guy does makes me laugh. Even stuff that looks like it’s falling flat busts me up. His interviews are engaging and long enough to get to the point before either the guest becomes boring or before they infringe on the time of the next guest. I was prepared for the William Shatner interview to be dumb and mindless, but the interview went a hilarious direction when we found out Bill can’t make the Vulcan peace sign! He ended up flipping Conan off. Coco jumped up and ran around the stage like he had just set off a bomb, but it was just Conando knocking it out of the park again!

Compare this to Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy can’t listen to his guests. Why he doesn’t, I have no idea, he would only get a much better interview out of his guests. Instead he’s talking over his guest with the latest funniest thing he’s come up with . This turns the guest off and they shut down. Jenean Garafalo had a great solution: She just came out and never stopped talking. Jimmy didn’t have a chance so he shut down and we could hear every bit of JC’s bizarre and twisted rant.

Jimmy needs to learn how to edit like Conan. His comedy staff does not know when to cut rope and move on. If my wife and I watch Late Night we fast forward through his first segments. That is where he shows his lamest “hey, I’m funny and so are my writers” bits. I don’t understand: He has the best band on television. The Roots are phenomenal and the only great bits are when Jimmy incorporates them in some way. I wish the band had its own show.

Oh yeah, so today’s WHAT THE HECK?!? Why don’t the Roots get their own show? Why didn’t Conan get the Tonight Show, like TEN YEARS AGO! And Conan, thank you thank you thank you for bringing Andy back (and keeping Max Weinberg and the whole band just changing the name). Andy is being used in a much better capacity than he did when he first started with Conan back in 1993. Then he was tyring to be an Ed McMahon. Now he’s like a crazy heckler from the audience. He’s being himself and Conan and the rest of us love him for it.

By the way, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, I don’t watch TV on TV. I watch it off the Internet. Less commercials. I watch when I want to. I don’t have to mess with all the minutia of TiVo. Yes, admit it, all those recording systems are a FREAKIN‘ HEADACHE! You end up becoming a slave to them: Too many shows, some activate and take over the TV, plus it COSTS DOUGH!

So thank you Buddy for starting us off on this blog today. You may not even understand what TV is, but in the end your precious face is what amuses us more than anything! Please go chew up someone’s TiVo!