Germany Travel Tips WHAT THE HECK?!?

I have been waiting for a very, very long time to go back to Germany. You see, I have relatives there on my mom’s side and I have been wanting to go back with my wife of almost 5 years and my mom of, well, my entire life. Yes, she will sort of be the interpreter but she is also someone whom I think Germany is not the same without. I went back 22 years ago with a friend of mine and he and I had fun, but mom adds a different dimension. She’s a tour guide and a, well, mom all in one!

Booking the flight was easy! Air fare there (now that’s a rhymey sentence) is shockingly low right now. You see the adds pop up everywhere from Facebook to your gmail. Getting a passport can be a little tricky, but my wife and I took care of that a few years ago (around the time Mexico said they were needing to see passports…not that I was on a Tiajuana run).

Now today’s WHAT THE HECK??? If you want to rent a car in Germany YOU CAN’T GET AN AUTOMATIC! That is, unless you double the amount you’re paying for the rental. That means roughly everybody from 28 years of age to 0 can’t drive over there (unless they don’t want any brautwurst spending money). I have also noticed crazy rates on car rental insurance which just about everyone needs since it most often is not covered in your normal insurance plan. Oh, and air conditioning? EXTRA! This almost feels like Hawaii: everything comes with a price tag.

I’m also told ketchup in a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT will cost you extra. That’s great for my diet since now I won’t step foot in any of them over there, but do you see a pattern here?

Why the animosity towards us? Is this all W’s fault? And by the way, what’s with everyone poking fun at Geitner’s delivery and blaming the market’s fall on such? Do you remember the last president? At least the current administration is making corrections. Everyone’s gotta complain about something. Which is what I’m doing till right NOW since my minutes over…bye!