Hi this is Mike Matthews boarding the bus taking us to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH where we’ll hear from Simone Cicconi, Yair Yona, Female, and our upcoming musical guest Tristen. We’ll also find out why a space ship has landed in San Francisco and what one college did to deal with the problem of local road construction.

Have you ever watched a movie that was completely filmed in your hometown or a town you knew really well? I just saw “Easy A” on DVD and was blown away that it was completely filmed in Ojai. I lived in Ventura, right next door, so it was interesting seeing famous Ojai landmarks being worked into the script. By the way, it’s a funny, funny movie for the first hour and fifteen minutes and then it starts hitting snags that slow it down. Emma Stone makes the movie. Stanley Tucci is also hilarious.

I’m still trying to alphabetize the 2000 CD’s I’ve amassed from the 22 years of radio and being an audiophile. I’m up to “j” which means Janet Jackson, Jesus Jones, Jet, etc. I’m hoping once I’m finally done we don’t have a massive earthquake that shakes all the CD’s out of their shelves. That would suck!

This week’s picture mentions “Georgia from Modesto.” She’s actually from Salida, the little town next door, and she listens to the show so she’s already our VIP of the week! I said Modesto in the cartoon bubble because it just sounds funnier to me than Salida. Then again, I fully admit I ain’t no comedian! Yes, “salida” means “exit” in Spanish. The name just makes me think of “salad.”

Next week starts the studying and the hurrying to class as I begin college again. I’m not taking any where near a full load, just 2 classes, but being that it’s been a couple decades since I’ve been to college I’m sure I’ll have a little adjusting to do. I’ll try to bring you another podcast in a week’s time no matter what class homework might try to stop me.

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Enjoy your week and happy studying!