I DIDN'T GET ANY STAR SPANGLED COOKIES AT MY POLLING PLACE BUT I VOTED  ANYWAY!    I'm no political analyst.  Everybody knows now the Republ

I’m no political analyst. Everybody knows now the Republicans have won the
House. This sort of party resurgence tends to happen every two years.
Welcome to America. That may be why we’re such an awesome country: We
depend on the pendulum swinging back and forth. It’s like driving cross
country…you drive a couple hours, then you wake the passenger and make
them drive a couple hours. Only in this case the passenger spends billions
of dollars in advertising to win control of the steering wheel.

2008 we took a big step as a country and voted in a black president for the
first time in what has often been a very prejudiced nation. To those on the
Right it was a disappointment. So much so the Tea Party exploded. Fueled
by an underbelly of large bellies and not always the nicest comments
directed at our president, they have knocked out legitimate Republican
candidates and have sparked a huge run to the polls. To those on the Left,
many were upset by Obama’s sometimes very Bush-like moves in Afghanistan and
with the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” policy. Many went to the Green party this
election cycle. Many stayed home.

So now we’ll see a grand transformation with the “party of NO.” They are
now going to have to flip from “no we can’t” to “yes we can” or “we’re gonna
go to Washington and try.” They have won their party-turnaround. Now we’ll
see if they’re going to do everything they’ve promised. The shoe’s on the
other foot. If they blow it, Obama will win reelection faster than you can
say “Palin.”

Did we learn any thing from all of this? Yes. Here it its…WE SPEND WAY
TOO MUCH MONEY ON POLITICAL ADS! Honestly, at the end of the day, all they
do is annoy. At the end of the day, if you voted today, you hopefully
scanned the internet for non-partisan data to make your informed choice, and
didn’t rely on the commercial that played 80 times during your favorite

I didn’t get my star-spangled cookie today, but I did get an interesting
glimpse in to what the next two years will bring. As politically active as
you were today when you went out to cast your vote, please keep it up and
keep the politician’s feet to the fire. That’s what this country is all