Life Here in the South

Growing up in California, you get used to constants like beaches, traffic, and smog. Here in the South, the constants shift to churches, waves from cars, and occasionally a colossal WHAT THE HECK?

I’m not sure if I specified in my last blog that I moved here to Alabama to start and run a country station. Yes, a guy from California running a country station…wouldn’t you want a guy from Nashville or at least from some part of Texas? A very cool guy in the company, however, believed in me so my wife and I set out for Huntsville. We were excited about the change and the opportunities.

When we got here we quickly acclimated to the little differences. Where we lived in California was sometimes known as “Bakersfield by the Sea’, so we weren’t total city slickers. The complete absence of Trader Joe’s did upset us, but then at the end of last year Nashville got one which is only an hour and a half hour drive.

The area of California we were from had it’s trees, but nothing like the scale and magnitude here. Plus the cool rivers and lakes. It was upon trying to take a picture like the one above that I came upon my latest WHAT THE HECK?

Someone broke into my car. On my Facebook page a friend wrote, well, this wouldn’t happen in Amish country! They said, infact, you wouldn’t even have a car! Though I know I’m not in Amish country, I did think with the abundance of religious fervor and good Christian attitude every where that we wouldn’t have some one break into a car in a busy parking lot. But that’s not the case in Huntsville, it’s a city like any where else…though with no graphitti (as compared to where we were in CA where it was every where!)

So keep an eye on your stuff, now more than ever. These are desperate times. The desperate station I worked for let me go as it desperately tried to hold on to the bottom line. The guy breaking into my car was desperate though all he got was an mp3 player that only worked out of the left ear. Keep waving from your car, but don’t forget there are also people that don’t wave that have no faith in anything we call humanity. Despite some little bumps, I still got faith.

That was a little more than a minute.