Mike Asks WHAT THE HECK? about Television


Conan has left the building and some people have expressed a “hurrah” for this fact. Some people just didn’t get Conan’s humor. We’ll call these people…”old.” Conan’s humor wasn’t crass, it wasn’t toilet, it wasn’t most crap on Comedy Central. (Okay, once in a very great while it is.)

It was goofy. It was “cartoonish.” It was geeky. It was dead-on at times. I heard one conservative “humorist” say what’s the new thing that Conan will do next? Hopefully be funny, he said. Another columnist said Conan’s fans (I’m with Coco) won’t stick around for him when he comes back “somewhere” in September.

THEY WILL. I would be more worried for the “Leno Fans.” Those folks are more likely to stroke out on their TV dinner trays before he comes back to the Tonight Show after the Winter Olympics. Leno will come back and DO THE EXACT SAME STUPID SHOW he did at 11:35 before and at 10pm for the past 4 months. His audience has moved on (or died). Letterman should be so happy. He does a consistently great show on a consistently consistent network that lets him continue consistently. Craig Ferguson is a genius on after him. Fallon is a joke. The Roots are an amazing band. I grew up with Kimmel’s kind in the San Fernando Valley so I am sick of him…though he sometimes makes me laugh.

So in conclusion I am a sucky blog writer but I had something to say this Saturday afternoon, post Conan finale. I will miss the man that made me laugh, that made me cry (this week–thanks Adam), and who will someday bring back a sunny day to my TV later this year.

By the way, I don’t watch TV. It’s a fact. I watch it all on the internet. Hulu, if you must know. And the only two shows I watch are Conan and “The Dog Whisperer.” I’d watch “How I Met Your Mother” but I’m so behind that at this point I’m just going to buy the entire DVD set when it finally comes out.

That show’s on CBS, interestingly enough.