Mike M Goes to Washington…and Across the Pond

Well it’s been about a month since I last wrote. I have had a lot of travels and incites into this world we live in. I went to Germany and Washington DC. One place had me learn a completely different language and the other showed me what this country’s all about. Eye opening on both accounts.

First, my one and only WHAT THE HECK for the moment is when in DC and getting food from one of the snack bars around the parks there, you do NOT get free refills. Oh, and that’s the case in Germany, too, for the most part. Yes, I know practically ALL the museums in DC are free, but come on, making me pay for a WHOLE ‘NOTHER DRINK when you’re just going to put the soda in the same cup? Wake up, it’s 2009!

There are so many WHAT THE HECK’s I wanted to write but didn’t have Internet access so I’ll have to do my best to remember all of them. The picture you see is of me in front of the first historic monument I saw on my DC trip. What a heart-pounding moment when I first saw the Washington Monument, then the Capitol across the massive park they call the Mall. I’m glad that at least the leaders of this country see these landmarks everyday while running the place so at least they’re reminded of who and what they’re serving.

Ooo! I’m thinking of some juicy WHAT THE HECK’s so check back soon!