MIKEs DAILY POCAST for Sunday 5/15/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 9 (almost 10) for Sunday, May 15th, 2011!

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I went to 3 plays performed last night
by students who can really write…well
It's nice to see students with such a high aims
Not just addicted to video games
The guest that we had on the podcast on Friday
was the stage manager for one of the plays
about a bunch of kids living in a mental hospital
The end was strange but was pretty plausible
Look, I'm a theater critic all of a sudden
The actors have lots of promise
I wasn't on the theater after party list

The last play I was in the last century didn't have a final show celebration I'll tell you why.

Why I'm having trouble getting to San Francisco for such huge things as Bay to Breakers.

Valentino the Parking Attendant and Bison Bentley have big plans for this Sunday.

Madame Rootabega predicts how this week's going to go.

Tomorrow we'll get a visit from Chely Shoehart and Floyd the Floorman.  But that's Monday and we don't want to think about Monday right now.

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