MIKEs DAILY PODCAST for a belated Sunday on a Monday 6/13/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST for Sunday and yes this is very, very late but I had Internet issues!

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So we're rushing today's podcast
Because we're going down to visit our friends fast
And I can't sit here writing songs
This can really take me a longs…
Time and we've got stuff we gotta make
It's a bbq and also a clam back
no, I've never been to a clam back friend
but thanks for listening to the show that never ends
this doesn't feel rushed at all, does it?
Oh, and from rush we go to rash
I've got poison oak on my face and I'm gonna crash

This poem was written yesterday.  Listen to find out what other shenanigans happened on my funday Sunday.

Also, another edition of MIKE ON MOBILE!

Later today….it's Chely Shoehart and Floyd the Floorman with John Deer the Engineer.

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