Mike's Daily Podcast effizode 6 for May 12th, 2011!

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Here is effizode number six today
of this podcast's daily day to day
Someone in my Business class last night
said you're going to kill yourself all right
Then we worked all class on our resume's
They were saying you don't need the objective anywayz
and that don't put your references down at the end
unless you have Johnny Depp as your personal friend
Actually, I left that class feeling quite confused, I don't know why I take notes any more…
The job search process is a disaster
anyone want to hire an out-of-work podcaster?

I met a cool Chinese student in my business class last night who reviewed my resume.  I'll tell you about that.

My hometown of Castro Valley is experiencing growing pains.  I'll tell you about that.

Chely Shoehart our 18 year old giftshop supervisor has found something interesting about her customers.

And Floyd the Floorman talks about a rare comic book he found this past Free Comic Book Saturday.

Next time we hear from Benita the Rodeoqueen and the Disgruntled Fiddle Player.  The Brewmaster drops by, too, despite the restraining order.

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