MIKEs DAILY PODCAST for Thursday 6/9/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 32 for Thursday, May 9th, 2011!

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So it's graduation time
for lots of kids who have lost their minds
sitting in a class a month into summer
can really be a bummer
then you have to say goodbye to your high school
and hurry get the phone number of that girl you thought was cool
wait a minute she's moving to a college far away
that's all right because you didn't have a chance anyway
Wait a minute, I was going to write a country song in honor of the CMT awards last night
USA, flag, being a redneck's really neat
Though it's not very authentic cuz all the country stars have their teeth

So graduation can be a wonderful time for many reasons.  I can think of one big one that I've recently discovered by going back to school…I'll tell you about…

Valentino the Parking Attendant and Bison Bentley have a parking lot situation caused by all the graduations.

Madame Rootabega predicts the future of the current grads.

And it's another edition of NEWS RANDOM!

Tomorrow it's Chely Shoehart, Floyd, and John Deere.  They are allowed back into the country.

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