MIKEs DAILY PODCAST for Tuesday 5/24/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 18 for Tuesday, May 24th, 2011!

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Someday I see this show will star
on All Things Considered on NPR
They'll play the chorus of this song
As I try to sing along
then they'll say something about crazy podcasters
and how they're so much weirder than normal broadcasters
and they'll say this guy does one every day
oh, and we're doing a fundraiser so pay pay pay!
After which, I think my downloads will spike by, oh, half a percent
So even on an NPR station
Things get reduced by the soundbite nation

Speaking of radio, I heard an interesting bit of radio news I'll tell you about…

Today I take my finals at the community college.  What I learned about community college?  Some recent high school grads that find themselves in community college are the most burnt out people I've ever met.  My hats off to the teachers who were being more like cheerleaders than professors.  They were trying to get them happy about learning.  However, some of those kids need a lot to be happy.  How 'bout my computer science class?  Hang on to your hats…

Valentino and Bison Bentley stop by and discuss their friendship.

Madame Rootabega makes a prediction about something very close to her.

Tomorrow we'll hear from Chely Shoehart and the Brewmaster on Weirdnsday.  See how I did that?

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