MIKEs DAILY PODCAST for Tuesday 6/21/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 44 for Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

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Someone said about this show that it
doesn't make sense but it's creative
So for those of you who don't understand
here's an explanation by demand
There are some characters that talk and then I sing
I make observations on every little thing
like the fact today is the longest day of the year
so get on your summer solstice hippy gear
and dance around a May poll and look for ground hogs…wait, maybe that's a different day
so to cut through the confusion
here's another podcastal intrusion

Valentino the Parking Attendant and Bison Bentley talk about their popular podcast.

Madame Rootabega predicts the future of flying cars.

And today's segment of INTO AN INTERVIEW includes part 3 of my interview with the Canadian surf rock band CURRENT SWELL.

Tomorrow we hear from Chely, Floyd, and John Deer as well as the final installment of my CURRENT SWELL interview.

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