MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Monday 11/14/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 168 Monday November 14th 2011

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So what is up with Andy Samberg
I think his talent has hit an iceberg
he seems to be the one who's always the guy
to put together the Digital Short on Saturday Night Live
his stuff has been so funny, original, and so wit quick
but lately he's doing the same white nerdy hip hop shtick
I think he's mined that subject matter for all it's worth
but who am I to say since I do a song every day here on earth
some may say that I have hit a wall.  Yes, the wall is entitled Mike's lacking musical skill.
So let's see Andy do more funny off the wall characters
he's already more talented than that guy with the last name Sandler.

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino the Parking Attendant, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the NEW segment MIKE RIPS SOMEONE A NEW ONE!  Someone's gonna get it!  Oooo, how gratuitous! 

Tomorrow we'll bring you the segment MIKE ON MOBILE from a nifty new location…Warning!  The podcast will probably be posted much later in the day since I will be creating a fun MIKE ON MOBILE with my friends Terri and Steve.  We'll also hear from Floyd the Floorman, John Deer the Engineer, and Chely Shoehart the Giftshop Supervisor: three people that don't know who Andy Samberg is.  Except Chely.  She's crushing hard.  No, really, she's crushing hard the ground below her.  She's gained a little weight.  I hope she doesn't read this. 


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