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Memorial Day.  It's over.  If you work on a Country radio station you play a bunch of patriotic songs.  If you're on a Polka station you do the same thing only without the patriotic songs.  You play Polka.  Because you're a Polka station.  Sorry.  You can read the script from today's Mike's Daily Podcast Players' production below.

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the segment MASTERPOD THEATER where we take a behind the scenes look at the latest Star Trek blockbuster!

Tomorrow we bring you the segment WOW SCHATZ WOW!  Plus we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer!

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And now, the Mike’s Daily Podcast Players present…”The Meeting with the new actors of the Star Trek Movies that was held with JJ Abrams before making the Star Trek Movies.”


So guys, welcome.  Zachary, I loved you in Heroes.


Yeah, that was a pretty good show.  Maybe they’ll make that TV show into a movie and Leonard Nimoy will play me.


Uh…yeah, that could happen in an alternate universe…which is exactly where this movie takes place.  You see guys, you don’t have to worry about comparing yourselves to the original Star Trek TV show actors, because this movie takes place in an alternate universe.  What do you think of that, Chris Pine.


Uh, listen dude, whatever you want I’m going to give it to you.  If you want Shatner, I’ll do Shatner.  I’ll even…halt…my…speech…like…he…does.  Let’s just shoot this f*@#$r!  I’ve got chicks to meet.


Um, JJ, just so you know…I DON’T have chicks to meet.  But any cute guys, send them my way.


Zachary, Chris, what I’m trying to do with this movie is to move my movie making career into the role of a “movie making mechanic.”  I take old broken down jalopy movie franchises and make them ready for the road.  And by road I mean making the studio billions and billions of dollars.


That’s great, JJ!  Let’s just shoot this f*#@$r!  I’ve got chicks to meet!


First, Chris, I wanted to tell you about the villains you’re going to fight:  they’re always going to be played by little known foreign actors.


Like me!


Holy Suprises, Batman!  Who are you?


I am Benedict Cumberbatch and I am going to be the nemesis for your second movie.  So make sure to hit this first one out of the park.


Get out of here, Frenchy.  We’ve got a f&*$er to shoot!


Chris, be nice to Benedict.  He’s a really talented kid.  Unlike you who we’re just casting because of your looks.


My looks?!?  My looks?!?  Zachary, do you think I’m cute?


I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers!


That’s because I don’t eat crackers!  I prefer pita chips.  They help me keep my figure so I can get chicks which I’m going to get now since we’re not shooting this f*&^#r!

(Door slams)


In this alternate universe, JJ, will I be able to kill off Robert Downy Jr and Scarlett Johanson? 


Wrong franchise.  But be my guest.


You have been listening to MASTERPOD THEATER and the Mike’s Daily Podcast Players of ”The Meeting with the new actors of the Star Trek Movies that was held with JJ Abrams before making the Star Trek Movies.”  Brought to you by the new Window’s Outlook dot com.  For those you who will never get the knack of using gmail…because you’re a stupid F*$#er!