MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Saturday 2/25/2012


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 244 Saturday February 25th 2012

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Here we are it's Saturday
I think overall it's been okay
I think I should have just taken a pass
on today's show because I am without sass
I was listening to a podcast called "Never Not Funny"
and I guess I don't see how comedians can be sunny
when they're supposed to hate everything they see
it's a comedian's podcast that makes me feel like a hayseed
not that there's anything wrong with hayseeds.  They help grow hay which is something I hear horses love.
So that's pretty much my intro song for today
Maybe something wiser from my mouth will come my way….tomorrow if God's willing…though I'm sure He has more important things…like keeping Rick Santorum out of the White House.

Today we hear from Floyd the Floorman, John Deer the Engineer, and Chely Shoehart the Giftshop Supervisor, PLUS we bring you the segment WHAT's THE CLICHE OF THE WEEK and on NEWS RANDOM what the heck's a shipper?

Tomorrow we'll bring you the segment THE PAM BAUMGARDNER FILES plus we'll hear from Benita the Rodeo Queen, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster: three people that don't listen to anyone's podcast but mine.  That's what they tell me.  Secretly, however, I know they listen to the podcast by my arch rival, Snark Darville.  He's a real pest.  He just recorded a whole podcast on the Academy Awards and they don't happen till tomorrow.  He's seen it already and he's commenting on it.  Genius.  I hate him.


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