MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Saturday 3/2/2012


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 250 Saturday March 3rd 2012

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So yesterday we were pretty stressed out
with tornadoes coming close to our old house
we rent a house out in Alabama
and like last year we had tornado drama
lucky for us it missed our home
unfortunately others were damaged a mile or so
away from us and we wish them the best
this time of year is so hard on the South and the Mid West
and having grown up in California, I'll take a tornado over an earthquake any day.  Isn't that strange?
When we lived in Alabama and had a tornado watch
we wouldn't sleep all night and the lightning we'd watch…one flash after another…never saw that in California.

Today we hear from Chely Shoehart the Giftshop Supervisor, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer, PLUS we bring you the segment WHAT's THE CLICHE OF THE WEEK?  And on NEWS RANDOM, Adele controversy!

Tomorrow we'll bring you the segment THE MIKELOPEDIA INSANICA plus we'll hear from Benita the Rodeo Queen, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster: three people who have had their own tornado experiences.  One picked up their cow and threw it at them.  They went vegetarian for a year.


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