MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Sunday 11/20/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODAST effizode 174 Sunday November 20th 2011

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So today I watched my first Raiders game
in quite awhile and it was not at all lame
they beat the Vikings and it was fun to watch
and the whole game I hardly looked at my watch
you see I must admit I'm not the biggest sports fan
I'll watch at my father-in-law's because he's a Raiders man
I ask him lots of questions because I'm completely naive
but now I have a bunch of knowledge up my sleeve
for example, did you know the Raiders have a…uh…hell, I don't remember
like I said I could give a crap about sports
but I respect the guys who play, they're the dedicated sort.

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino the Parking Attendant, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the segment MIKE's SCAVENGER HUNT where I tell you about an interesting place that you should really hunt for.  We surprise interview someone there and have a good laugh.

Tomorrow we bring you the NEW segment called WOW SCHATZ WOW! where we discuss something that would make my German mother say to me "WOW, SCHATZ, WOW!"  We also hear from Floyd the Floorman, John Deer the Engineer, and Chely Shoehart the Giftshop Supervisor: three people that love football games.  So much so that they have occasionally tackled me and thrown me out the window of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH.  But, to be fair, sometimes I deserve it.


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