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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 260 Sunday March 18th 2012
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Yesterday we had an awesome time
celebrating St. Patty's with some friends of mine
I made a crockpot corn beef and cabbage
and we ate some delicious other baggage
my wife made a fantastic mashed potatoes
our friends brought a dessert that put me in the throws
of delicious ecstasy in the form of a glazed bunt cake
thank you Terri and Steve for a great party you did make
and Terri brought up some interesting political topics that I'm sure the Disgruntled Fiddle Player will love to hear
today's also Supreme Sacrifice Day and Goddess of Fertility Day
of those two I will have some things to say…shall I say the word "interesting"?…that's in the ball park of what I'm speaking of.

Today we hear from the Brewmaster, Benita the Rodeo Queen, and the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, PLUS we bring you the segment WHAT's THE CLICHE OF THE WEEK? And on NEWS RANDOM, the evil Facebook must do.

Tomorrow we'll bring you the segment WHY THE HELL DID I YELP THAT?  Plus we'll hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino the Parking Attendant, and Bison Bentley: three people that love corn beef and cabbage.  They also like liver and onions.  Stop me if your stomach has just flipped like mine.

Mike Matthews

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