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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 291 Sunday April 22nd 2012
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Today is Jelly Bean Day
that candy Ronald Reagan loved okay
actually he loved Jelly Bellies
both of those candies to me are smelly
I hate eating an artificial fruit flavored candy
I can feel my teeth rotting away so dandy
today is also Girls Scout Leader Day
I love their chocolate peanut butter cookie okay
they really camp out in front of every supermarket here in the Bay Area like I've never seen during cookie season
in other news I watched a movie on the Amish last night
I didn't realize all the crazy stuff they put up with in life…like no cars unless they're a passenger…no modern clothes but I guess they can use plastic…since that's what they use to carry clothes around in plastic laundry baskets.

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the segment INTO AN INTERVIEW with the finale of my interview with singer/songwriter Jonathan McEuen, and on NEWS RANDOM, Mars attacks Disney destroys their leader.

Tomorrow we bring you the segment INTO AN INTERVIEW with special guest, Jonathan's brother, singer/songwriter Nathan McEuen, PLUS we'll hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer: three people who love rotting their teeth eating jelly beans.  That's what I call dedication.  Why you would want to end up looking like a crack addict I don't know.  Are Jelly Beans that worth it?  No, but I know refried are.

Mike Matthews

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