MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Thursday 12/22/2011


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 199 Thursday December 22nd 2011

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Well yesterday I had computer problems
and after a long time I think I've solved them
when I did my story on Adele
that British website messed up my computer like hell
but that's about all I know so let's get in to other holiday deals
are you getting in the holiday mood or would you rather kiss an eel
that's how some people are and I understand their consternation
let's hope we all get through this as one focused nation
on today's show we find out how another nation deals with Christmas on our segment INTO AN INTERVIEW
so sorry this podcast is getting to you so late
enjoy it on your own schedule that's what makes this show so great.

Today we hear from Floyd the Floorman, John Deer the Engineer, and Chely Shoehart the Giftshop Supervisor, PLUS we bring you the segment INTO AN INTERVIEW with a special guest from England!

Tomorrow we'll bring you the postponed segment from today, MIKE ON MOBILE, plus we'll hear from The Brewmaster, Benita the Rodeo Queen, and the Disgruntled Fiddle Player: three people who also have computer problems when they try read stories online about Adele.  Must be some strange Adele computer virus going around.  Does it also give you a soar throat?


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