MIKEs DAILY PODCAST Thursday 4/5/2012


MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 275 Thursday April 5th 2012
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Today is Go For Broke Day
to take a chance on anything you may
for example, if you want to start a Krispe Creme franchise
today would be your time to see your dream realized
In other news I'm so thrilled to hear the news
a bunch of friends from other states are going to
be visiting here throughout the rest of the year
fun people we haven't seen in a while so we should get a beer
they're mostly people I worked with in radio.  But interestingly they're all former promotion directors.
In other radio news they let the morning show
after 20 years at the country station I worked for go…the crappy company I worked for…cumulus…just like clear channel but twice the ego!….and the debt!

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino the Parking Attendant, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the segment WOW SCHATZ WOW and on NEWS RANDOM, a poorly named legendary restaurant.

Tomorrow we'll bring you the segment MIKE ON MOBILE, plus we'll hear from Benita the Rodeo Queen, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster: three people who never made friends with anyone they ever worked with.  Except one of them made friends with the janitor at the museum he worked at.  Late at night the museum would come alive and little toy soldiers would attack him.  Suddenly the janitor turned into Ben Stiller and he was depressed because his ears looked like crap.  True story.

Mike Matthews

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