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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 311 Tuesday May 15th 2012
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So Facebook is raising their IPO stock price higher
guess Zuckerberg enjoyed his birthday all nighter
he turned another age in only the twenties
chances for making money he'll have plenty
Rebekah Brooks finally got charged in the cell phone hacking scandal
she's as guilty as Murdoch but not the right gender to avoid shackles
Britain may put her away a few months or a few years
meanwhile Murdoch sits back and enjoys a few beers
and Obama went on the View and said Biden did not force his hand about gay marriage
how does ABC keep getting these big scoops
President O made his first announcement on them too…about his same sex marriage opinion…today is National Chocolate Chip Day and Police Officer's Memorial Day.

Today we hear from Valentino, Bison Bentley, and Madame Rootabega, PLUS we bring you part 2 of my interview with the lead singer of the band the Joel Plaskett Emergency, AND on NEWS RANDOM, why the rising gas prices NOW?

Tomorrow we bring you part 3 of INTO AN INTERVIEW with Joel Plaskett, PLUS we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer who will be enjoying Love a Tree Day, National Sea Monkey Day, and Wear Purple for Peace Day.  Floyd will love a tree, John Deer will vouch for saving the sea monkey, and Chely will wear purple…because nothing else matches in her closet.  It's purple for peace among the colors.

Mike Matthews

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